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David Wen
Entrepreneur, software developer, management consultant. He once killed 10,000 newborn chicks for charity.
Queen's University

At the time of writing,  Queen’s University is my current home – physically and intellectually.  I’m a Candidate for the Bachelor’s of Commerce, and aside from the plethora of business courses, I have taken or are taking courses in French, Computer Science, Greek Mythology, and Creative Writing.  I wasn’t experimenting… I really do enjoy all those topics!

For those that may not know, Queen’s University is in a quaint town called Kingston, located between Toronto and Ottawa in the province of Ontario.  I chose Queen’s University because of such; I wanted a tight-knit community that wasn’t too big – because it is 2 hours away from a metropolitan city it’s hard for people to go home on weekends (which is also why there are 9 jails in here).

By the way, the picture is me traveling in Argentina, at the Boca Juniors Football stadium.  As you can see, they were out of town that day.  Sometimes when I wear my Queen’s University jacket abroad, people stop me and tell me that them or their children went to Queen’s as well!


Export Development Canada International Business Scholarship

World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention Scholarship (WCEC)

Thomas Nugent Memorial Award

D.I. McLeod Dean’s List Scholarship

First Year:

First year in Commerce is pretty much the same for all students.  There are Business Management Courses, Financial Accounting, Calculus, Economics, Management Accounting, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, and Statistics.  It allows for one elective, which I chose to be French.  My highest marks were in Calculus and Statistics.

Second Year:

This year was also highly structured by the Commerce program, with mandatory courses in: Business Ethics & CSR, Finance, Marketing II, Operations Management, Finance II, Managerial Economics, Human Resources Management, and Management and Design of Information Systems (MIS).  One and a half credits of electives were allowed, which allowed me to take French (Langue, Texte, et Multimedia) and Elements of Computer Science.  My highest marks were in Operations Management, Managerial Economics, and Computer Science.

Third Year:

This year I was only at Queen’s University for the first semester because I went on exchange for the second semester to HEC Paris.  I took Greek Mythology and Religion, Budgeting & Financial Planning (apparently the hardest course in Commerce), Productions and Operations Management, Sales and Marketing, and French (Communication et Culture IV).  My highest marks were in Sales and Greek Mythology.

Fourth Year:

For my final year, I took: Intermediate Management Accounting, Investments & Portfolio Management, Business in Asia-Pacific Rim, Business Law, Small Business Consulting, Derivative Securities, Business Policy, Advanced Topics in Marketing, Organizational Environments, and Creative Writing (check out my work!).

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David Wen
Entrepreneur, software developer, management consultant. He wears the number 11 on sports teams.