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The Blank Walls

It’s been a month since I’ve returned from Nicaragua and Costa Rica and I’ve finally gotten around to reflecting on it.  Ok, that’s a lie, I’ve been constantly reflecting on it.  What I meant was, I have finally organized my thoughts enough that I’m willing to post about it.

To sum it up my experiences, I’ve written a short story.  Here’s a written trailer (or whatever the equivalent in short story world is called):

[Black background, scraping sound on a cement wall.]

[Enter white text, reading, “Inspired by a true story…”]

[Music consists of drum beats, inspiring brass crescendos, and aboriginal instruments.  Kinda like this.]

Character 1: “We only have one week to paint this school, and even if we do, what difference does it make?!”  Character 1 throws his scraper against the wall in frustration.

Character 2: “Sometimes the difference cannot be observed by the eye, but by the heart.”  Character 1 looks like he just had an epiphany.

[Another black screen, music continues, white text reads, “David Wen Productions Presents…”]

Character 3: “Which is your favourite picture?”

Disabled Kid 1: “The airplane – so I can see the world.”

[Black screen, music intensifies, white text reads, “A story about volunteers from a world away…”]

Character 1: “You,” [Points at Disabled Kid 2], “are a monument in my heart.”

[Black screen, music climaxes and stops.  White text reads, “Who made a world a difference.  On the web at www.justsaywen.com/creative-writing Spring of 2010 (i.e. now)”]

The story isn’t that cheesy (I hope).  In fact, it’s a bit disheartening.  Basically, after the trip, I felt that most of the things we were trying to do would hardly make a material difference – painting the walls, teaching lessons, playing with the kids.  However, the real difference was when the kids felt proud to go to school, gave you a high five when they were able to paint something they didn’t think they could, or laughed when you made a funny face.  Sometimes, it’s the immaterial things that seem to last the longest and create the greatest legacies.

The story is here, under the Creative Writing section of my website.

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David Wen
Entrepreneur, software developer, management consultant. He started his first business when he was 15.